5-Star Students

5 Star Student Program

The 5 Star Student Program is designed to promote specific behaviors of students that have proven to help students be more successful in school.  Students earn STARS by simply taking care of their business as a student.  Each marking period, the criteria starts over, allowing for students who did not earn a prize to have a chance during the next 9 week marking period.  Star criteria is as follows:

3d-yellow-star0  Unexcused Tardies


0  Missing Assignments


SRC Referrals


0  Failing Classes


“Other” (changes each marking period)

Third Marking Period – “Get Reading!” – A documented 3 hours (180 minutes), or more per week of reading that is done outside of the school day (DEAR does NOT count).  March is Reading Month and we will celebrate it by keeping track of our reading minutes.  Use this form to keep track of your time and have an adult (preferably a parent) sign it and turn it into the office.  Get Reading Documentation Sheet

Students who achieve 3 or more stars will receive a lunchtime treat (like an icecream bar or candy).

Students who achieve 5 stars will receive a bonus gift (like a t-shirt or high school athletic ticket).


  • If you have any questions or feel there is a mistake, please connect with Ms. Locker.

Important Dates:

Marking Period 1 is September 8 – November 6.  Treats and prizes will be handed out the week of November 16.

Marking Period 2 is November 9 – January 22.  Treats and prizes will be handed out the week of February 15.

Marking Period 3 is January 26 – March 25  Treats and prizes will be handed out the week of April 11.

Marking Period 4 is April 11 – June 9 (we will stop counting on May 20)  Treats and prizes will be handed out the week of May 30.